Products Under Plastics

Product Name Country of Origin
Purging Compound India
Process Aid for Property Modification for LLD/HD China
Processing Aid for Vinyl Formulation Italy
Internal Lubricant for Vinyl Formulation (Replacement for Stearic Acid, Lubricant and Calcium stearate) Germany
Plasticizers Moisture Remover India
Flow Improvers India
Viscosity Depressants Canada
Viscosity Regulators Slip- Antiblock Agents Malaysia
Release Agents Germany
Anti-Fog Agents India
Antistatic Agents India
Colourants (Pastes) India
Stearic Acid Malaysia
UV Stabilizer China
Titanium Dioxide China
Optical Brighteners China
Carbon Black India
Thermoplastic Elastomers(TPE) India
Lubricants (Wax) India
Impact Modifiers India
Processing Aids India
Stabilizers – Pb, Ca-Zn, Organic CA, Sn(Methyl, Butyl, Octyl) India

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